Podium structures

When a podium structure is required to support a multi-storey light gauge steel frame, SIGMAT offers a fully integrated design and construct package.

Our in-house design team will:

  • assess the applied design loads and produce an optimum cost and performance solution
  • draw on our detailed knowledge of light gauge frames and podium structures to achieve cost certainty at the tender stage
  • design a composite steel frame structure with load bearing beams positioned under all load bearing walls, constructed with a reinforced concrete composite metal deck transfer slab
  • provide the fastest method of on-site construction and the shortest pre-site lead period by integrating the design and installation of the podium with the light gauge frame
  • achieve much tighter manufacturing and erection tolerances than specified in the National Structural Steelwork Specification
  • remove the need for a secondary sole plate (as the light gauge frame is built directly on to the podium slab)
  • integrate lift shafts and stair cores within the podium structure in a fully integrated light gauge frame construction
  • eliminate any potential interface conflicts which often occur when separate procurement routes are taken for the podium and the light gauge frame.

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